Saturday, July 5, 2008

Free wedding photography!

As a photographer I know I'm not out there saving lives. I'm not feeding the starving or helping the poor.

I am doing something important in that I am able to freeze time for people, and give them lifelong memories. I love taking photos because I think photographs are so important. I have them all over my home because each one represents an instant in time that I love to remember.

But I want to do something to give back to the world a little. Send some good vibes out there. Pay it forward, if you please.

So I'm offering to photograph one special couple's wedding for free. And I mean totally FREE! No hidden costs, no tricks. Just me, my camera and some great photos.

I want to offer it to a couple who would really benefit from the gift. A couple who may not have enough money to hire a professional photographer, or who might have to miss out on other things if they do. Or couple who have a really inspiring story about how they met or how they came to be engaged.

The winning couple will get...
*10 hours of free wedding coverage
* All images printed 6x4" (apprx 400)
* A CD with all high resolution images on it
*A beautiful keepsake box to house it all in

TO ENTER .... email your story to

There are a few conditions:
The wedding must be taking place in 2008
The wedding needs to be held in the Goulburn Valley region, Victoria. (I am willing to travel nationally but the couple will need to help me cover that cost.)
Entries must be received by 20/07/2008.
Winner will be contacted by phone, so remember to include a contact phone number
Oh, and my decision is final.

If you know of anyone that you think would be suitable for this, get them to enter.

I'm looking forward to this already!


aidan weldon July 8, 2008 at 2:32 AM  

hi meaghan, just want to say i admire your style and photography.
more important to this is the fact that you are giving away something!.
an increasing amount of us seem to have lost ourselves these days and forget that life is not all about "more and more", money and possessions but community and people!!!

Meaghan Cook - Photographer July 11, 2008 at 7:48 PM  

Hey aidan, thanks for dropping by my blog.
I know what you mean about us all being lost in wanting more. Goodness knows I can think of a thousand things I want more of (time, books, chocolate).
Just trying to create a little community spirit I guess...

aidan weldon July 11, 2008 at 8:36 PM  

thanks meaghan, agree totally, particularly about the chocolate, 80% cocoa is just the business!!! - as photographers we do have the opportunity to mention to those we meet that life should be about people, giving some time and listening, and not jealously valuing possessions - i try to do my bit where possible and respect you for what you do - aidan


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