Wednesday, April 29, 2009

The last hint of summer

The end of our summer is drawing near (I know, I know, it's technically autumn, but there's still been a few days warm enough to go to the beach, so I'm classing it as summer.) It's been 9 months since we moved to Ocean Grove. Time flies when your hanging out at the beach.

So in one last blast of summer goodness Miles, Ryan and I headed to the beach as the sun was setting.

They thought I was an awesome mum because usually they would be home in the bath at that time of day.

Miles showing me just how awesome he thought I was.

Ryan couldn't keep his eyes off the sunset. I must admit, it was particularly alluring that night.

We got the seagull's hopes up. No food from us!

Oh Miles, you never cease to amaze me.

We moved here for umpteen number of reasons, but one in-particular was so that we could show Miles and Ryan how wonderful an outdoor lifestyle can be. I love that I can bring them to the beach rather than just being stuck at home. It's added a whole new element to our lives and become very central to it.

Love love love it. Need I say more?

* Meaghan

Monday, April 27, 2009

Angela gets ready

I wrote about Angela and Steve's wedding just last week, but I really wanted to come back and show you more of her getting ready. I love being invited in to photograph the bride getting ready. It's such an intimate part of the day to witness.

I'm sure Angela will never forget the number of her room the night before her wedding, but I got a shot of it anyway. Every little detail is important!

The dresses waiting patiently for their time in the spotlight to arrive.

Would you check out those fingers peeping through?

Angela had great bridesmaids. They made sure every little detail, every adjustment, was perfect.

And she in turn helped them with their dresses.

A look of relief from Ange as the dress is finally on, and as she put it, ''it's all finally happening."

What? A fella in the makeup chair? Yep! That's Steve, getting a light brush from make-up artist Kasey. Steve has a tendency to go really white in photos. Like he's ill kind of white. But it was all easily avoided with a touch of foundation. Steve was a champ about it. "I'm more worried about fogetting my lines", he said.

There's no doubt that every bride is different. So the way they handle the pre-wedding nerves is going to be different. I love every response, whether it be lots of laughs, or lots of tears. Every emotion a bride goes through is always so raw, so real. Angela was a teary bride. Happy teary. Every little glistening eye was accompanied by a huge smile. It was contagious and she kept setting off her bridesmaids and her mum. The tears just made them laugh more.

This photo sums up the whole getting ready process. It's all about the anticipation of what's about to happen. The looking forward to the ceremony, and to the future. By the time her veil was in place Angela was incredibly serene. If she had nerves, she didn't show it. It was like she knew all her hard work planning the wedding for months had been worth it, because she was about to marry the man of her dreams.

Click on the image below to see a larger collection photos from Angela and Steve's wedding. Careful, it'll tug on your heartstrings. I nearly cry every time I watch it.


Friday, April 24, 2009

The perfect way to spend my easter

My family has made it's own Easter tradition, and head down to Lorne Victoria for the long long weekend every year. My brothers and I, our families, and mum and dad bunk up in the same house and enjoy spending some time together.

I was more than happy to combine this year's trip with a little bit of work (photographing a family on the beach can hardly be called work though.)

I met James and Vanessa, their three children Max, Jonah and Eli, as well as Vanessa's parents on the beach at Lorne for their session. Their session was part of my work for the Australian Community of Child Photographers. Vanessa and I were frantic that it would rain, but someone must have been smiling on us because it didn't.

Here's Vanessa and James with Max.

James giving the most almighty bear hug to Jonah and Max. The boys squealed in absolute delight as James gave them a massive squeeze.

The absolutely gorgeous Max. I went green with envy as soon as I saw his eyelashes. Dark and long and made my heart skip a beat.

Little Eli. He as a bit of a serious soul. But truth be told I think it was because it was a bit chilly down there on the beach and he could think of much better places to be.

Vanessa and James are remarkable. Yes, they've got a child with a serious illness, and that must be very difficult to deal with. But it's not that which makes them remarkable. They were self-assured. Gentle parents. So in love with each other. They shared so much of themselves in the few hours we were together. I felt like an old friend catching up with them for Easter.

This photo of them just makes me melt.

This is my favourite shot from the session. The sky was doing what it does best, and James just wandered down to the waters edge to show Max the sea. It was unscipted, unrehearsed, and neither even know I took the photo. It makes my heart sing.

Photographing this family reminded me that Easter can mean so much more than chocolate. Vanessa and James reminded me what I aspire to be as a parent. There photos remind me why I became a photographer in the first place.

* Meaghan

Thursday, April 23, 2009

Save me

No one likes going to bed.

* Meaghan

Just because I'm a photographer ...

... doesn't mean I take a good photo.

As in, when I'm in front of the camera it doesn't mean I'm totally relaxed and chilled. I get all nervous too. And put on silly smiles. And look EVERYWHERE but at the camera.

And get caught talking. (Would you look how chapped my lips are. You can tell them winds have been blowing.)

And hide like an 8 year old to avoid it.

But it's a moment like this one that makes it worth it. It's worth feeling uncomfortable, feeling a bit silly, looking at the photos afterwards and pointing out all my flaws because I know the photo transcends all that. I love this photo, and Miles loves it too. I've printed it out and it sits beside his bed. And we'll both only grow to love it more over time.

* Meaghan

Monday, April 20, 2009

Sarah salutes the sun

I was very excited when my friend Sarah announced that she was having another baby. My reason for being excited, apart from being happy that there would soon be a new baby in their lives, was that I would get to take some pregnancy photos of Sarah.

I told her I had an idea of what the shot I wanted to get, and she did. I dragged her all the way to Black Rock, made her stand on a windy cliff, and got the perfect shot.

I was swimming laps when I thought of this shot. In between breastroke and the cool water running over my back, I saw it. The sunset, the silhouette, the bump. I told Sarah about my vision, and she got what I was talking about immediately and was all on board.

And when I snapped the shutter on my camera, I knew I had it.

I've also got grand plans to take the same shot at different intervals through out Sarah's pregnancy. I can't wait to see her belly grow on the beautiful sun-setting backdrop.

More from the session. I think this location is my new favourite place in the world.

We literally went rock hopping to get some of the shots. I felt like I was 14 again, and it was brilliant.

The gorgeous Sarah.

Another friend Claire came along on the shoot too. The three of us had a ball. Sure it was windy as heck and getting colder by the minute, but that didn't faze us. It was just great to get out and get some brilliant photos and spend time with friends. Here's a shot from behind the scenes. Claire helping Sarah with some wayward material.

And one more sunset shot. You can never have too many sunset shots.

* Meaghan

Sunday, April 19, 2009

Cartin family get beachy

Saturday mornings are for cleaning the house, doing the washing, running all over town to kid's sporting matches. They're busy, full of hustle and bustle as we all try to get the things we need to do completed to we can really relax into the weekend.

One such Saturday morning I took some time out from the run of the mill Saturday morning stuff and photographed the Cartin family.

There's Tess: spirited, enigmatic and a rabble rouser.

Charlotte: serene, intelligent and full of warmth.

And the youngest Jemima: independent, charismatic and a little girl going places.

We ventured down to where the river meets the ocean at Barwon Heads. It's a truly magical spot, but holds significant meaning for Dave. He's grown up here in Barwon Heads, and wanted photos that captured the widely recognised Barwon Heads bridge before it is redeveloped.

The wood work on this bridge can tell so many stories.

I dragged this old yet entirely wonderful couch down onto the beach. It was well worth the heaving and trudging through the thick sand to get it there.

My two favourite photos from our session. I just love Charlote's expression in this one. So much going on in that little head.

And this photo speaks for itself.

This is the wonderful slideshow from the session.

Hanging out on the beach in bare feet with me jeans rolled up getting to know a family. The perfect way to escape the Saturday morning chores.


Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Sneak Peek - Cartin family

A sneaky peek for this little cherub's mum. This shot totally makes me melt. I love the faraway look in her eyes, and the little bit of nappy poking through.

More just around the corner.
* Meaghan

Monday, April 13, 2009

Angela and Steve get married!

It as a wedding little girls dream of. A horse and cart to ferry the bride. A chapel nestled in amoung the hills. A beaming mother of the bride. Angela and Steve's wedding was everything Angela had been dreaming of since she was young, and more.

Angela was very quiet when I arrived at their hotel to get some getting ready shots. I could tell she was excited, but a little nervous as well.

But as soon as she pulled on her exquisite halter neck gown (with a hint of mint green thank you very much) she instantly relaxed.

Here's the beautiful, beautiful chapel at Inglewood Estate. It was from another era completely. I overheard a guest say it was perfectly Angela and Steve.

Steve was ready to get the show on the road. He happily obliged me for some pre-ceremony photos.

And then it was show time. Angela arriving. Very relieved to finally make it to the church.

Kids in church make me laugh.

I give you Mr and Mrs Varcoe.

Love this look Ange is giving me. So happy.

One of the bride's maids enjoying herself. Check out the colour of her dress. Hot!

Golden light bathed the wedding party after the ceremony. It added the perfect glow to their day. And of course, I loved loved loved it. Golden light like that this photographers best friend.

Got to have a bling shot.

Da boyz chiling out in between the ceremony and the reception. They could not have chosen a better spot to sit. They had no idea I even took this photo of them. Perfect all on their own.

Some detail shots. Steve's in the dairy industry, so I loved the little cows on the tables at the reception.

This story would not be complete without some shots of the horse and cart. Very cleverly, Angela and Steve went for a horse drawn spin around the block just before the reception. Such a great idea. They were able to have a few moments alone to savour their wedding day.

The perfect way for them to end their perfect day.

* Meaghan

And I mustn't forget to give a big shout out to my sister-in-law Kasey who was the makeup artist extrodinaire for the day. She did a beautiful job, just ask the bride!


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