Sunday, June 27, 2010

Off on a Parisian adventure

If anyone had of suggested to me when I started my photography business 18 months ago that I would be flying to Paris to photograph a wedding, I would have laughed. The thought would have seemed preposterous. However that's exactly what I'm about to go and do. I'm flying out to France tomorrow, with camera in tow, to photograph an incredible french wedding. I'm excited, nervous and feeling incredibly lucky.

I won't be answering emails while I'm gone. I'm going to take some time off while I'm there to relax. This first 18 months of my business has been such a whirlwind, so I'm going to recharge while I'm away so I'm all ready for the 2nd half of the year when I get back.

I'll be at the Geelong Bridal Expo on July 11th at the Deakin Waterfront campus, then will be back in the office on July 12th.

See you when I get back.

* Meaghan

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Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Sub zero

Frosty weather is good for one thing - hats.

* Meaghan

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Sunday, June 20, 2010

Cronin family

It was icy down in Geelong early saturday morning. Sunny, but icy. I took my hat off to the people sweating it out running up and down the stairs at eastern beach. I also felt glad that I was there to photograph the Cronin family, and wasn't joining in the boxing boot camp.

We managed to shoo the boxers out of the way in order to take some family photographs of the Cronin family. The entire family was together to celebrate Ron's birthday, and had the forethought to organise for some photos whilst everyone was in the same place at the same time.

Ron is one of those salt of the earth people. He chatted with me warmly and earnestly. He helped with the grandchildren and laughed with his son. Ron was a man with gravitas.

I felt lucky to spend the morning with all three generations. They don't live close to each other, spending time together had them all in good spirits. They braved the freezing wind whirling in off the bay and smiled sweetly for my camera.

Even the kids!

Happy birthday Ron. You have a beautiful family of whom I know you are very proud. It was wonderful to meet you all.

* Meaghan

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Thursday, June 17, 2010

Another ROCK WHAT YOU'VE GOT workshop!


I'm so pleased to announce that I'll be running another ROCK WHAT YOU'VE GOT workshop. I'm looking forward to meeting 8 new enthusiastic people and hanging out with them for a day.

DATE: SUNDAY JULY 25th 2010.

For more information, or to book a place simply email

* Meaghan

I've also decided that I'm only going to be running workshops in the Geelong area for the time being. As much as I would love to travel to other places with the workshop, it's just a bit too difficult at the moment. Ah the joys of running a business with two small children tugging on your skirt.

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Thursday, June 10, 2010

Meltdown central

A friend rang me late this afternoon and got a little more than she bargained for. She asked 'how are you?' in that casual way you ask someone at the start of a conversation. To which I replied, 'I'm having a meltdown.'

This afternoon's meltdown has come after an insanely busy week. I'm busy getting organised for the workshop on the weekend, getting my head around my trip to France at the end of the month, doing some work for a commercial client which is exciting and nerve wreaking at the same time, filling orders, emailing, and the list goes on. And on. And on.

When my friend called I'd been internally chastising myself yet again for turning the television on for the children in the middle of the afternoon just so I could answer a few emails. The only time Miles and Ryan sit still is when the TV is on. They're not ones to quietly read books. Oh I wish! When they're playing, they're racing their bikes around the house or flinging their cars up and down the hallway. Their idea of quiet play is whispering while they topple their block towers. They really can't be left to their own devices unless I want to find them covered in flour (it's happened. More than once).

So when she asked, I told her the truth. I was having myself a good old fashioned meltdown. Complete with chocolate. I was frustrated that I couldn't complete the work I needed to get done without being a neglectful mother. It's a common theme in my life, and most working mothers'. I was having a meltdown and I damn well deserved it.

My friend said all the right things and I hung up the phone feeling much much better. But it did make me realise that I've got to make some changes to avoid more spazz outs in the future. I'm not sure what yet, but something to alleviate the stress and frustration.

After all, it's not cool when your 4 year old just wants to play snap and you tell him 'can't you see mummy's busy having a meltdown?'

(New sample frames for clients. They're lovely and white and square. They also come in black. Which are also lovely and square. Table came from the CFA jumble sale last weekend. Total score!)

* Meaghan

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Friday, June 4, 2010

Sweetheart session - Lidia and Michael

At the end of their session, as we make our way out of Werribee Mansion, Lidia and Michael tell me that they are quite shy. They were trepedatious about our shoot, about being in front of the camera and the centre of attention. I can relate to that, and I'm sure many people can. Not many people actually like having their photo taken. D

I admire Lidia and Michael. They put their shyness away for the afternoon, and allowed themselves to be natural in front of my camera. They laughed and chatted with me, told me about their lives, talked with me about things in the world. I'm so glad they did, that they opened up, because it meant I could capture photos like these of them.

Lidia and Michael are people who I would be friends with in real life. They are intelligent and witty. They ignored my tendency not to take things too seriously, which I'm always grateful for. I could imagine grabbing coffee and reading the Sunday papers with them. As long as they let me read the comics first.

* Meaghan

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Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Baxter family

Hanging out with the Baxter family made me excited about my own children growing up. These guys are such good friends. They chatted, laughed and enjoyed spending time with each other. It's clear they are all equals, and they view each other as such. It made me really look forward to the time my children are adults.

We found a beautiful little spot in Geelong for the shoot which was a gift from Natalie and Courtney to their parents. We also got an up close look at Geelong's bat population, which was both awesome and really freaky.

Natalie and Courtney are gorgeous girls, inside and out. I hope my boys are great friends like these two are when they grow up.

* Meaghan

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