Friday, December 19, 2008

Boutique closed for Christmas {by Meaghan Cook - Geelong Wedding Photographer}

After a busy year it's finally time for the boutique to shut it's virtual doors for a few weeks of rest. I plan to do a lot of not much at all. To be more specific, you will be able to find me at the beach.

I've got lost of photography things on in the break though. Including a triple word score worth of weddings. I'll show you the results in the new year.

I'll be checking emails sporadically, and you can always leave a message on my phone if you'd like to get in touch. 2009 is shaping up to be a massive year already, so maybe shooting me an email wouldn't be such a bad idea.

The boutique will officially re-open January 12, 2009.

... and I just want to say a warm thanks to all of you have supported me this year, and allowed me to grow the business into the beauty that it is today. From clients, to friends, to the delivery guy who drops off my prints. Thanks!

{My little Christmas angel trying to take flight}
{Meaghan Cook - Geelong Wedding Photographer}

Have a merry little Christmas, and a delightful new year!

Saturday, December 13, 2008

What else do you do when it's raining?

It's pouring out. And it has been for over 24 hours. That's unheard of for this time of year. It's great of course, farmers and all, but when you've got two little possums who like to be outside, it's a real pain in the proverbial. Yesterday I let them play outside in the rain just to prove to them that when mummy says it's raining, she isn't kidding around.

We headed to the wonderfully kidfriendly Scienceworks today. It was packed to the rafters with stuff to push, pull, twist, move and spin. It was also packed with every other kid between the ages of 1 and 8 who were more than a little stir crazy. And their parents. And their prams. And their coats, hats, umbrellas and frizzy hair.

{Ryan being a weatherman. Very apt.}
{Meaghan Cook Photography Boutique - Geelong Wedding and Portrait Photographer}

Stand out moment - Miles licking the chairs in the planetarium. I'm choosing not to think about it.


Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Sweetheart session - Robyn and Mike {Meaghan Cook - Geelong wedding photographer}

A sweetheart session is all about the couple enjoying themselves while I take photos ... and that's exactly what Robyn and Mike did. These two were really fun to hang out with. They are witty, clever, and a little self-deprecating - my perfect mix!

Turns out Robyn is from the Strathbogie Ranges, which is just a stone's throw away from Shepparton (my home town). Snap! She was pretty chuffed that I actually knew where it was. She usually just has to say she comes from Euroa. 

Robyn and Mike were totally relaxed and completely trusting of me during their session. This ment I was able to get some wonderful shots of the two of them. 

They've also been kind enough to share with everyone their entire sweetheart session photos. To view follow this LINK . 

Looking very much forward to their wedding in March, 2009.

Standing on the cusp {meaghan Cook- Geelong Wedding Photographer}

Ryan is almost ready to walk. Standing up is his newest trick. He had been attempting to stand up on his own at home, but we've got wooden floorboards which make falls really hurt. Ryan soon worked that out after he donked his chin too many times. 

We went to beach yesterday, and Ryan used the soft sand as an opportunity to refine his standing skills.  It was such a buzz to see him get up and balance, all the while with a proud-as-pineapple-punch smile on his face. 

I whipped out my sand-caked phone and snapped this photo of Ryan to send to his dad and nanna. I think he's going to walk any day now, so I've got my proper camera within arms reach at all times. Hopefully I catch it on camera, but then again, no biggie if I don't. Sometimes I forget to come out from behind my camera and actually experience what's going on in front of it. I'm too busy trying to capture it, to freeze the moment in time, that the moment passess without me in. Perhaps in this case I should put the camera away, and walk side by side with my son. 

Sunday, December 7, 2008

Sweetheart session sneak peek {Meaghan Cook - Geelong wedding photographer}

I had a magical sweetheart session with Robyn and Mike recently. We hung out at an old mechanic's, goofed around at the Queenscliff pier, and got our feet wet at the beach. They were completely relaxed, enabling me to get some beautifully natural shots of them both. 

I'm bursting to photograph their wedding - it's at the Werribee Zoo. It's not everyday you get to have African animals in the background of your wedding photos. 

This is the tiniest of sneak peaks from our session ... 

Have I mentioned what a sweetheart session is? Where are my manners?!

My sweetheart session is an intimate portrait session with bridal couples before their wedding day. It's a wonderful way to capture the love between a couple in a relaxed and beautiful manner.  

Sweetheart sessions are invaluable for helping couples get comfortable in front of the camera. Couples can get all their jitters about having their photo taken out of the way at the sweetheart session, and not have to worry about it on their wedding day. This gets better photos on the wedding day because couples don't have to spend the first half hour loosening up. Like I said, they're invaluable. 

Many couples have also mentioned to me that they don't actually have many photos of themselves together. It's usually one in the photo, while the other takes the shot. The sweetheart session allows couples to get a beautiful collection of photos of themselves. The photos become memories of a time when couples had fallen deeply in love and are about to embark on their lives together. I love the hope, invincibility and passion that always comes out in a sweetheart session. 

I think sweetheart sessions are so wonderful that I include one free for every couple who books their wedding photography through the boutique. Couples receive a few hours of being treated like royalty, hanging out at cracking locations, and getting beautiful photographs taken. Best of all they get to know me a little better, making everyone more relaxed, and better photos on the wedding day. 

Keep an eye on my journal in the coming days for more shots from Robyn and Mike's sweetheart session ... 

Tuesday, December 2, 2008

A birthday bash with heart {Meaghan Cook - Geelong Photographer}

It was Alfreda's 70th birthday, and her daughter Stella organised for me to go along and document the occassion. Having their portrait taken was a birthday surprise for Alfreda. Alfreda thought it was marvelous. Such a great idea on Stella's behalf. 

{Alfreda and her children}

This family had not all been together for eight years. Eight years! So they were relishing the chance to spend time together. They siblings all live abroad and came home specially for their mum's birthday. 

{The next generation: these grandkids were sweet as pie.}

I felt really privileged to be there to help them mark such an important day. There was also many of Alfreda's friends and family there to help her celebrate her birthday. With the bubbly flowing and fine food to share, it was a glorious day. 

{This is Alfreda and her friend holding a picture of themselves when they were younger. What a trip down memory lane!}

Thanks Stella for inviting me along. I loved being there and capturing your family. You guys were all so good to me (they kept offering me champagne!) and I really appreciate it. Happy birthday Alfreda!

{This is one of my favourite photos from the day. A new mum comforting her very new baby. Sharing that bond only a mother and daughter can have.}  

A HUGE thanks to Sarah who very kindly picked me up and drove me to this shoot. It was across in Sorrento and I didn't have a clue how to get there once I got off the ferry. Sarah gave up her lazy Sunday to escort me there, and then drive me back to the ferry. What a gal! 

Very Special Kids are very special indeed! {Meaghan Cook - Geelong Wedding Phoographer}

Have you heard of Very Special Kids

They're a wonderful organisation that supports families throughout their experience of caring for children with life-threatening illnesses. It's a tough job, and Very Special Kids (VSK) has amazing staff and volunteers who do so incredible work for hundreds of families. 

On Saturday I had the absolute joy of joining in the VSK Christmas party. I went along as a volunteer from the Australian Charity of Child Photographers . The Christmas party is for all the families who use the VSK and it was an absolute hoot. There was face painting, a jumping castle, and a visit from the jolly old boy in red of course. 

ACOCP President Jessie Broome and I were there to take family portraits. Lots of great families lined up to have their photo taken, and were really appreciative of us being there. Over and over again I had to tell people to stop thanking me. Taking a few photos is nothing in comparison with what these families do to support their ill children. So if I can make them smile by giving them a family portrait to cherish, of course I'm going to do that. 

On a side note, Jessie and I got completely and utterly sunburnt. It was overcast! I know, should have had my hat on anyway. I've still got a little pink nose like a rabbit. Not attractive. 


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