Monday, August 31, 2009

Maternity - Olivia

When I hear the word maternity, it doesn't conjure up good things. It makes me think of faded maternity bras and frumpy dresses that look more like tents.

But Olivia has blown that image of maternity, and pregnancy out of the water for me.

Meet Olivia. 36 weeks pregnant. Let me just repeat that so it sinks in. 36 weeks pregnant.


Olivia wanted some photos to celebrate her pregnancy, and the impending arrival of her baby. I was determined to take photos that reflect who she is, not just the fact that she's pregnant.

Olivia is a free spirit. She's driven, extremely hard working. She's also sensitive, and serious.

She's also the kind of girl who takes life in her stride. Rock solid.

But she's also soft, gentle and warm. She has a laugh that fills the sky.

She's beautiful, of course she's beautiful. But it's the beauty on the inside that really shone through.

Olivia's like every first time mother - eager to meet her baby, unsure of what to expect. But she also has a realistic view of it all. She knows the baby will change her life, but wants her baby to be able to share her life, not take it over completely. The day the baby is born, they will be starting their journey together.

Olivia knows it will be hard at times, but well worth it.

* Meaghan

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Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Sweetheart Session - Monique and Peter

Everyone remembers how they meet 'the one'. I love hearing these stories. They are always different, special, and extremely vivid.

With Monique and Pete, it's no different. Pete saw Monique and thought she was cute (I'd have to agree on that). Then he heard her sing. 'It was amazing,' he remembers, and knew he had to talk to her. He knew he had to meet this girl. 'I think I went up and said something like "you're a good singer".'

And that was way back when Monique was just 15. She's still a fantastic singer, still very cute, and now very much in love with the shy guy who complimented her on her voice.

I'm not able to photograph Pete and Monique's wedding, but these guys still wanted to have a Sweetheart Session. I'm so glad they did, because we had a blast. From romping on the basketball court, to enjoying dusk on the beach, all of it was wonderful.

Monique's got this way about her. This way that makes you melt.

Kissing behind the shelter sheds at school. Love it!

All these shots were taken down in Queenscliff. I searched and searched for the perfect basketball court. I struck absolute gold when I found one that overlooked Swan Bay.

Pete's absolutely great fun, and I can see why Monique is drawn to him. He doesn't take himself to seriously, but at the same time is genuine, warm and insightful.

Then on to the beach. Ahhh, the beach. Never ceases to make me feel alive (as trite as that sounds).

I think has got to be my favourite shot. Love love love. The way she's peeking out, her hair, just perfect.

Monique and Pete are blissfully in love. It was apparent in everything they did. It was wonderful to watch two people so happy, so relaxed, so themselves.

They say that when you find 'the one' that it's like finding the other half of yourself. That's definitely the case for Monique and Pete.

* Meaghan

Monday, August 24, 2009

Sneak Peek - Olivia

Thanks to my friend Tasj for helping me with editing this photo. xox

* Meaghan

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Thursday, August 20, 2009

Boys will be (filthy!) boys

When you're in the supermarket and you see those kids with grotty faces, and weetbix stuck in their hair, and perhaps don't have shoes on, they're probably mine. My children are permanently filthy. And that's not without a lack of trying on my behalf to keep them clean. I spend my day wiping and brushing and scrubbing, but usually it's to no avail. My kids attract dirt like no others.

So it was no surprise that in a massive clean and dry park, Miles and Ryan found the only muddy puddle.

I had two choices. Yell, threaten, yank, and jump up and down in a polite manner with other mothers watching to get them out of the mud. Or see the situation for what it really was: kids being kids.

Luckily I had my friends Sarah and Lara with me to help me deal with the situation. When I say 'deal' I mean find the funny side to it all, and keep my mind off the washing that would be awaiting me.

Miles hated it. Absolutely hated it.

Ryan showing his future profession. Classy Ryan, so classy.

And it was all down hill from there.

* Meaghan

Note: next time you see those grubby children running amok in the frozen section of the supermarket, give her a smiles instead of tut tutting. Because it's probably me.

Saturday, August 15, 2009

Sneak Peek - Monique and Pete

* Meaghan

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Letterbox surprises

It would be someone quite peculiar that said they didn't like getting mail. I love it. (Apart from bills. They can go straight back from whence they came thank you very much). So you can image my delight when a lovely silky enevelope with my name hand written on it arrived last week.

Michaela and Leon had thoughtfully sent me a thankyou card. I'm so chuffed. I ask absolutely nothing from my couples, just that they have a wonderful wedding day. So to get a card in the mail means so much to me. It means so much that they've taken the time to write me a note to say thanks, when no thanks is required at all.

And of course I love their card, because it's got my photos plastered all over it.
It's the perfect use of my photos really. They're being lived and loved, as they ought to be. Not just shoved in a draw only to be looked at on special occasions. Can you tell I'm one of those 'use the good china all the time' kind of girls?

And inside theirs a little magnet that's now on my fridge quoting one of their favourite Leunig poems.

I also like finding out what couples are up to, once their wedding day has come and gone and their new life together is in full swing. Michaela and Leon have just bought their first house, and next time I'm up in Shepparton I'll have to pop in and have a look.

In completely unrelated, and utterly indulgent news, I've re-arranged my bookcase. Why do I love it so? Because I've colour co-ordinated it. I've got the whole colour spectrum thing going on now.

It's beautiful, and I look at it all. the. time. There's not much beauty going on in my house (it's a rental, and it's from the 70's. Need I say more?) So to have this burst of colour really lifts the mood of the place.

And who would have thought that so many books had red covers?


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Monday, August 10, 2009

A date with tea and jam

On the weekend I had the very sweet pleasure of finally meeting two people I've 'known' for awhile. When I say known, I mean we've been online buddies through our various photography connections for ages.

It was wonderful, so wonderful to finally meet Kate and Nathan Vale in person. Kate and Nathan run the splendidly named Tea and Jam Photography. To hear what their voices sound like, to put together all the photos I've seen of them, and by them, into what I saw before me, was an absolute joy.

Kate and Nathan and their sweetie pies Maya and Pepper, were in Torquay to catch some much needed sun (they come from Ballarat which is notorious for it's cold cold winters), so we met up. Kate and I talked family, private schools, and crazy weddings in Shepparton orchards. Nathan and I chatted photos, lenses, and the challenge of photographing children.

Of course, I had to take them to the daffodil field that's near by. A photographer's delight! I could see Nathan's eyes darting this way and that working out the best way to capture the mass of yellow.

Maya wandered about grandly amoungst the flowers, with my little Miles following close behind.

I feel something Alice in Wonderlandy in this one. You know the bit where Alice visits the singing flowers?

Nathan doing what he does best.

Go and check out Nathan and Kate's blog for Nathan's photos from our play in the field. Especially the last one of Miles. I'm dying to have it hanging on my wall.

* Meaghan

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Sunday, August 9, 2009

A beach by any other name

My beach isn't bright yellow sand and incandescent blue skies.
It's not stinging sunburn.
It's not frolicking in the waves wearing skimpy lycra.
It's not beach cricket, and it's certainly not sun baking.
It's not warm, not embracing, not relaxing.

My beach is dark, and grey, and difficult.
It's tumultuous, and aloof, and always windy.
It's people wearing long coats as they walk their dogs.
It's driftwood, and lone surfers perched on their surfboards far from shore.
It's a foggy horizon, a bleak shore line, and sand not marked by any other footprint.

It's my beach, and it's my home.


What I'm reading: The Memory Room by Christopher Koch
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Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Is that really a field of daffodils?

Yes, it sure is.

And it was pure bliss.

The fragrance rushed up and hugged us hello as we stepped out of the car. There they were, lined up in particular rows, just waiting to be adored.

And adore we did. The boys and I, as well as my friend Anna and her cherubs, smelled our way up and down the beautiful rows.

When I was a uni student I lived in Richmond for awhile, and every Saturday I would walk down to the market near the park and buy myself a bunch of flowers. The little old Ukrainian man who owned the stall spoke little English when I started buying flowers from him. It was a lot of pointing and nodding and smiling going on between us. Over time his English skills got better and better. He started to add little snippets to our exchange such as 'no worries' when I thanked him for my enormous bunch of irises. Then one day I was there and he actually said to me 'nice hat' and pointed to the felted cap I was wearing. I loved my flowers, but I think I loved the Ukrainian flower seller just as much.

Can you spot little Ebba hiding?

The flowers brought pure joy to the kids. They absolutely loved it. It was wonderful to see them smile and play and giggle. Fall down and get back up again. Point and laugh and laugh some more.

My most favourite photo from the day.

Off now to buy myself some flowers for my house. Bring some spring to my dreary winter decor.

* Meaghan


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