Sunday, May 30, 2010

Catching a break

It's been a tumultuous few weeks in my house. Illness came in waves. One child, then the other. Nights were long and filled with coughing and holding cool face-washers to their heads. I spent many hours just sitting with them, holding on tight, willing the illness away.

Just as we were emerging from the fog Amba called me. "I've hurt my hand', he said into the phone. Anyone who has a tradie in their lives knows these words can be some of the worst you can hear. Amba's injury was severe enough to require plastic surgery and I spent a tense day waiting at the hospital. He emerged very groggy and all bandaged up, and thankfully with everything fixed.

These last few weeks it just seemed like we couldn't catch a break. But there was one day in there, as the boys were recovering but prior to Amba's accident that we managed to enjoy. We headed into the lovely crisp autumn air and celebrated being well. We smiled, giggled, played and frolicked.

The afternoon out was just as we needed. Miles and Ryan ate their dinner hungrily for the first time in weeks that night. They went to bed without the aid of medicine or vicks and slept soundly.

Hope you're all well. Have a wonderful week!

* Meaghan

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Saturday, May 29, 2010

What is that?

This is a frame from Lidia and Michael's sweetheart session today. No really, what is that massive animal mounted on the wall?

Kudos to anyone that can tell me.
(Doubel kudos to anyone who can guess where this was taken.)

More photos from their photo session on the way.

* Meaghan

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Thursday, May 27, 2010

Pride of place

One of the things that I really got a kick out of when I was a journalist was knowing that people cut the articles that I wrote out of the paper and stuck them on their fridge. It's just what you do when there's a story in the paper about a family member or someone you know. It's what we always did. We even did it when Dad had a particularly good round of golf and his score was printed teeny tiny on the sporting results page. Straight on the fridge. It's kind of like the 'pool room' of The Castle fame, but it doubles as a food chiller.

So when I was in Geelong Advertiser this week for being named in the Top 5 emerging Wedding photographers in Australia, the article got stuck on the fridge. It will inevitably get covered up by children's artwork, supermarket dockets for cheaper fuel and those free postcards that you can pick up from cafes. But till then I'll get to see my big mug staring at me every time I go to get out the milk.

* Meaghan

NOTE: I've just peeked at my calendar for the upcoming 2010/2011 wedding season and there's not many spare weekends left. I'm extremely excited!

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Sunday, May 23, 2010

A revelation on an autumnal afternoon

I happen to be privy to some information which informs me it was Jess' birthday yesterday. So this blog post take the form of a birthday present to her. Hope you had a wonderful day yesterday Jess, and those wonderful boys of yours spoiled you.

I've known Jess for upteen years and been a reoccurring theme in my life. She is the older sister of one of my dearest friends, and as a result I've spent a fair bit of time with her over the years. She even employed me once despite me having no aptitude whatsoever for being a 'sandwich artist'. We had our children around the same time, and we've swapped stories about horrendous morning sickness. I consider her a friend, not just my friend's sister.

Jess met Mark, fell in love, married, and now has three vivacious boys. Reuben, Oliver and Liam are a whirlwind unto themselves; a whirlwind that you want to get caught up in to enjoy the fun. They were excited, inquisitive, playful and cheeky during our photo shoot at Werribee mansion. I hadn't seen Oliver and Liam since they were newbowns so I loved meeting them properly.

I'm always interested in the way other people parent, in the hope that I pick up tips and techniques that will help my own parenting. I learnt so much from my afternoon with Jess and Mark. They were a revelation to me. Jess and Mark enjoy their children. They laugh loudly when one of the children do something incredibly funny. They point out to each other if a child is being particularly cute. Jess and Mark don't sigh or roll their eyes when the kids bicker, they just get on with things. Jess assured me that it's not always as peachy as I witnessed and I know they go through struggles. But what amazed me that despite the struggles of raising 3 children (including twins), they can still laugh and enjoy their children. It was this which was the revelation to me.

Seriously, you fellas are awesome.

Happy birthday Jess!

* Meaghan

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Friday, May 21, 2010

From the heart

Sometimes as a photographer I get caught up in the technical side of things. Making sure my setting are 100% perfect and that the light is in the best possible place. My head is a whizz with apertures and shutter speeds. When I'm like this photo shoots can get very stressful becuase I'm caught up in getting everything perfect.

As i drove to meet Jess and her gorgeous boys I gave myself a little talking to. Forget perfect, shoot with your heart.

So that's what I did. I let my heart guide me. I concentrated on the connection between Jess, Ollie and Riley. I looked for what made them unique and beautiful. I looked for moments between them to photograph.

We chatted, laughed and looked for planes in the sky.

Jess has a wonderful bond with her sons. She was warm and kind to them during our shoot, and they in turn respond with overwhelming love for her. A photo shoot with two small children can be quite stressful for mothers, understandably so. Jess however was calm, serene and a professional negotiator.

These brothers are going to change the world.

I drove home with my heart singing because it was so happy it finally got to take the lead.

* Meaghan x

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Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Quite time

I'm at my computer desk with a cup of peppermint tea and am knuckling down and editing photos. I find the task quite relaxing, meditative even. I listen to my favourite podcast or let choose my music for me. I zone out completely and the hours fly by easily. Some photographers bemoan the time spent in front of the computer, but I find solace in it. It's my quiet time, my 'me' time.

It's especially wonderful when I'm editing photos like this. Both their expressions just make me melt.

I'm off to boil the kettle to make more tea, then back to editing.

* Meaghan

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Monday, May 17, 2010

Sweetheart session - Luci and Vladimir

I said to Luci that she could bring as many props as she wanted along to this photo shoot. I'm so glad she took me literally. When she and Valdimir rolled up it looked like they were moving house due to all the (awesome!) stuff in their car. I clapped my hands, jumped up and down a little and didn't even try to contain my delight.

When I pulled a pink toaster out of their boot and looked at Luci quizzically she smiled at me. 'I thought it'd be fun,' she said, and that's exactly why I love these two so much. They are into fun. Fun, fun, fun.

Apparently love is the cornerstone of a good relationship. but fun has got to be right up there along side it. Luci and Vladimir enjoy each other's company enormously, and the feeling is infectious. I couldn't help but enjoy myself around them.

If they came up with such great things for their sweetheart session, then I can't wait to see what they will produce for their wedding. Whatever they do it will be unique, authentic and fun (of course).

Luci, I'm in love with this photo of you. It really shows your warmth and beauty. (Not to mention that killer jacket.)

Thank you both, for being yourselves.

* Meaghan

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Monday, May 10, 2010

Wedding - Jo and Ben

I always love the getting ready part of a wedding. The nerves, the laughing, the last minutes checks. While getting ready Jo was very calm, very joyous. She chatted, laughed but didn't fuss or fret. 'I'm ready,' Jo said. 'I'm ready to marry Ben.'

On to the stunning Narmbool estate for the ceremony. Jo wanted her wedding to have an old-world, elegant feel to it. Given that, Narmbool was the perfect backdrop. And in autumn, my oh my, the beautiful colours!

For a couple who claimed they weren't into 'lovey-dovey', Jo and Ben's wedding was one hundred percent romantic. With a touch of humour thrown in for good measure.

I love the quiet moments in a wedding. They are just as special as the declarations of love and the first dance.

I asked Ben to hold Jo's gorgeous bouquet. He took that to mean toss it in the air. So glad he did because I love the resulting photos. Good catch Ben!

To you both, my very best. Continue to laugh they way you do with each other and life will be nothing but roses.

You can view Ben and Jo's wedding slideshow HERE.

* Meaghan

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