Sunday, November 29, 2009

Mustaches maketh the man

This is what has been staring at me for the past month. An angry, down turned fobb of facial hair which is completely offensive.

Amba has been taking part in Movember, the single best marketing idea for a fundraiser ever. It's coming to the end of the month and his mustache is at a whole new level of dirty. He can't wait to lop it off (apparently it itches), and I can't wait for him to stop looking like a bad ass bent cop.

I've had a few giggles at the recent weddings I've been shooting because there have been some nicely suited up fellas sporting mustaches where they ordinarily wouldn't. They've all had a slightly silly smile on their faces, and they nod at their fellow mo wearers in a show of solidarity. I nod at their wives/girlfriends, showing solidarity with them for having to put up with a partner who looks like a lout.

There's still time to donate to the cause. Visit the Movember site for details. I'm looking forward to December 1.

* Meaghan

Saturday, November 28, 2009

Wedding - Robyn and Grant (part two)

I wrote about Robyn and Grant's wedding earlier in the week. Their wedding is still so fresh in my mind for two reasons: it's simplicity and it's honesty. These two elements came into every part of the day and I was very touched by it.

I'm going to let the photos speak for themselves here. Usually I gab on, but I'm going to exert some self restraint.


Robyn said something after the ceremony that summed it all up perfectly. Someone asked her did she feel any different. 'No,' she replied. 'It just feels normal'. It felt normal because they were simply formalising what they already knew: that they love each other deeply and want to spend the rest of their lives together. So while it was a wedding, it was also the most normal day in the world.

* Meaghan

Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Sweetheart Session - Erin and Francis

The beach early in the morning is a wonderful place. It's (usually) calm, the sun is slowly rising, and the people you meet always offer up a hello and a nod.

I think Erin and Francis agree.

I pulled them from their beds early this morning for their sweetheart session. They swore they didn't mind, but I'm thinking they were going to procure themselves some very large coffees once we finished the shoot.

So sweet.

Erin and Francis are getting married in two days. I hadn't met them yet as they just flew in from London where they've been living for the past three years. We spent most of the shoot just chatting. I learnt that Erin and I did the same course at uni. Wonder why we never crossed paths? There's only 500 or so people in the lectures for Arts at Melb Uni.

We also worked out that I used to live next door to them. While they were at Newman College, I was just beside them at St Mary's. Francis and Erin met while they were at college, and have been together ever since.

I admire anyone who relocates their lives in such a significant way. I've always desired to do something similar, but life kinda got in the way as it has a habit of doing. Erin and Francis are happy calling London home for the time being. And who wouldn't when you get to visit places like Prague on the weekends.

My favourite shot of the day. You can see why.

Only two days to go guys. Bring it on!

* Meaghan

Monday, November 23, 2009

Sweetheart Session - Sarah and Kevin

I'm pretty sure I laughed more during my photo shoot with Kevin and Sarah than I did all month. These two have a wonderfully infectious sense of humour.


Kevin's English, and Sarah sounds like she's English. That's what ten years in the mother country will do. They've just flown into Australia this week, and when I met them they were tired but excited.

I let them have a sit down to rest their weary legs. I know, so kind of me.

When we met up they still had a bazillion things on their to do list in preparation for their wedding in Barwon Heads on Wednesday. Yep, this Wednesday. They were seemingly relaxed, but they assured me they weren't. I'd be a little stressed out if my wedding was so soon and I'd only just arrived in the country.

To knock off another thing on their to do list they practiced their dance for the wedding during our shoot. It's going to be awesome!

I'm in love with this shot. Just something about it.

Their wedding is going to be wonderful for one main reason: Sarah and Kevin are absolutely, postively, 100 percent, head over heels in love. It was obvious, and sincere, and infectious and heart warming.

See you both Wednesday. Get some sleep!


Sunday, November 22, 2009

Wedding - Robyn and Grant (part one)

I watched the sky all morning. The clouds loomed heavy. They swirled and plumed and threatened to do their worst. As I drove to meet Grant on the beach at Queenscliff spots of rain appeared on my windscreen. I held my breathe waiting for the storm.

A lucky wind direction change spurred on by the prayers of all of us attending Robyn and Grant's wedding meant the rain held high in the sky. It cleared, and we all sighed with relief.

Robyn and Grant chose not to have an official wedding party. Instead they surrounded themselves with their best mates (complete with batman cufflinks) to help them prepare for their wedding.

Robyn got ready in the beautiful Lathamstowe in Queenscliff. The mansion high on the hill, complete with turrets, gorgeous gardens, and every spare space filled with something too quaint for words.

I love this sneaky shot of Robyn's shoes. The blue brooch belonged to Robyn's grandmother. It covered the something old, borrowed and blue perfectly.

Robyn's nervous sandaled feet.

"This feels real now," said Robyn as her mother laced her into her wedding dress.

Too beautiful for words.

Robyn walking on her way to the ceremony. There's so many great photos to come of this elegant, simple and stunning wedding to come.

* Meaghan


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