Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Dream photo shoot

Whenever it was Christmas, I would always save one present until later in the day to open. I would savour it for as long as possible. I never wanted Christmas to end, so thought if I held off opening just one gift, I could hold onto the day for longer.

It's been the same with these last photos of Paris. I've been editing them slowly. Savouring them. Letting them remind me of my trip and allowing me to hold onto it just a little bit longer.

But just like the present on Christmas day, these photos have to be blogged and my trip has to start to fade.

Sarah, Andrew and I took to the streets of Paris to take in the sights and get some photos along the way. The Paris photo shoot was Sarah's idea, and was on the cards from day one. It was a total dream. A photo shoot in Paris!

Dancing in front of Notre Dame. Not always co-ordinated and graceful, but definitely a whole lot of fun.

The people of Paris were quick to smile and congratulate Sarah and Andrew in the streets. People called from their cars, and offered handshakes to the happy couple.

A trip on the metro, naturally.

I want to thank Sarah specifically for taking me on this fabulous ride. She believed in an idea just crazy enough that it worked. She's shown me that life can be exuberant and over the top if I let it. I hope that just a little bit of her tenacity and warmth have rubbed off on me while we were away.

So with that, goodnight and good France. I know I'll go back there one day, and my fingers are crossed that it will be sooner rather than later.


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Tuesday, July 27, 2010

My day

At the workshop, one of the girls asked me about my day and how I manage to fit everything in. I said something about flying by the seat of my pants and my days being a constant muddle.

But I've been thinking about it some more and realised that there is some rhyme and rhythm to my day. There really has to be in order to get everything on my very far reaching to do list done. It doesn't always get done, but I am able to knock some tasks over every day.

A couple of mornings a week I go and do some huff and puff. I way out of shape since having the kids, so this is my attempt at reeling myself in and getting a little bit fitter. I find that these days I'm actually more productive. I hate that there's truth to the fact that the benefits of exercise extend further than fitness.
When I get home the kids are up and eating breakfast. While they're enjoying their morning TV I use this time to check emails that have come in over night and try to reply to as many as I can.
The rest of the morning is taken up by kid activities - walks, riding bikes, baking, visiting friends. I take my iphone with me and keep track of emails coming in. I don't usually reply, but I like to know what's there.

While the kids are eating lunch, I again sneak time on the computer. When I got my lap top at the end of last year it changed how much I can work during the day. Now I can sit at the table at the kids, eat lunch with them, all while placing print orders or getting back to potential clients.
Miles and Ryan don't sleep in the day any more, so there goes that time to work. So I don't even try. I learnt very early on that there's no use trying to edit photos or do anything that takes more then 3 minutes. Miles and Ryan can sense me trying to concentrate and do everything in their power short of burning the house down to ensure that I stop working. So we get out and about instead. I try to tire them out as much as possible because I really need them in bed early. Long walks and bike rides are perfect for this.

Once Miles and Ryan are in bed for the night, my real work day begins. By now the emails are backed up and I've always got photos that I'm working on (whether it be for clients or my own personal work). I've learnt to try to get the photo editing done first, otherwise I get lost on the internet and never get back. I blog at night too. Sometimes I get a few posts ready, then shoot them off over the next few days. Pending how busy I am, I can work anywhere form 2 to 5 hours at night. I have however cut back dramatically on my computer time at night. I could work and work for hours, but I've learnt to draw the line, and to even have nights off. I hang out with Amba, watch my fave shows on tellie ( hello United States of Tara) or go out and catch up with friends. Once my business exploded and I became really busy, I realised that my work had the potential to take over my life if I let it. So I try to make real effort to switch off from it all. I still find it hard to do, especially because the window in a day to get some solid work done is so small. But if I don't I actually end up more stressed and frazzled. An no-one appreciates a stressed and frazzled Meaghan, especially those living in this house!

So that's roughly how I spend my day. It differs slightly when wedding season is in full swing (less TV watching, more hard core photo editing going on), but that's the general gist. It's by no means the most productive way to run a business, but while I've got two little ones home with me, it's the best way to fit everything in.

* Meaghan

If anyone else has any questions they'd like answered, feel free to email me . I get lots of emails from people wanting to know things about running a photography business and I'm happy to answer them. Lots of generous people answered my questions when I was starting out, so I figure it's just continuing the chain to do it too.

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Sunday, July 25, 2010


What I've decided I love most about these workshops is that it's a two way learning experience. So while it's my role to teach, to show and to inspire, I always end up learning things and being inspired myself.

We were blessed with one of those fluke warm winter days. It was bright and there was so much glare for our gorgeous apple orchard shoot - all the better for practicing shooting in difficult lighting conditions!

The Morris Minor was lent to us by the owner of the apple orchard. Very generous, and perfect for the shoot.

I *loved* styling this shoot. From the paper bunting, to the bottles hanging in the tree with little flowers in them, to the pink milk, to the cake. I think I had just as much fun putting it together as I did seeing the participants enjoy shooting it all.

A massive shout out and a whole lot of love goes to my gorgeous models for the day. Steph, Kris, Monique and Pete might be familiar to you. I've been lucky enough to photograph them all before, and it was wonderful to see them all again. They were brave to front a field of photographers, but I'm glad they did because they were not only beautiful but a whole lot of fun.

Thanks to all the girls who came along, for giving me the chance to share what I know and love, for asking questions and being inquisitive, for sharing your light bulb moments with me, and promising to keep me updated as you grow as photographers.

* Meaghan

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Wednesday, July 21, 2010

4 is the new 14

* Meaghan

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Sunday, July 18, 2010

Helen and Pauline on a quite afternoon

When I arrived in France I was tired and overwrought. Not because of the long haul flight, but due to the weeks leading up to my trip being hectic and stressful. And when I say 'weeks' I mean 'months'. Its been such a busy year with Miles starting kinder, Ryan wanting to do more and more, Amba working more and more, and the business taking off into the stratosphere. In the weeks proceeding my trip all of this was catching up with me and I was pale and tired.

When I got to France I was offered the perfect solution. That solution came in the form of a pocket-rocket New Zealander and her family. Helen welcomed me into her home with warmth, and it was exactly what I needed.

Helen and I spent the next week sitting in her back garden in the French summer sun talking. Of this and that, of nothing at all, of everything that's important. She forgave me my life-fatigue and offered my her incredible cooking as sustenance.

Helen's daughter Pauline practiced her extremely good English with me, inquired about my life in Australia and gave me insight into being a 14 year old girl in France.

One such sunny afternoon I grabbed the two of them in a quiet moment and took their photo.

Pauline is now officially the sister I never had. She possessed both a fashion sense and a serenity I didn't know possible in a 14 year old. Goodness knows I didn't have them.

And Helen is the new friend I didn't know I needed, but am now so grateful to have.

Much love to you both. See you in Australia soon?

Saturday, July 17, 2010

A wedding on the other side of the world

You can't put into words a wedding like this. For me it wasn't just a wedding, it was the whole experience - the trip to France, joining in the lead up preparations, sharing the growing excitement. Sarah and Andrew really opened their hearts to me, so much so that I felt less like a photographer for their wedding, and more like a lucky friend who was celebrating their wedding with them.

The setting was peaceful and stunning. The details were well planned and beautiful. The day was special and warm.

I really loved the colours of the wedding. Non-traditional, but still extremely classy.

Sarah and Andrew used a champagne sword to open their bottles of genuine champagne (best champagne I've ever tasted). It's a spectacular method, and leave the bottles looking like this.

Radiant Sarah.

The food was Ah-mazing. I helped the wonderful Helen to make some of it. When I say help, I really mean stood in her kitchen sipping wine and chatted to Helen while she did the cooking.

An amazing wedding for a zillion reasons, and thank you Sarah and Andrew for daring to have crazy ideas that actually work!

We also did a photo shoot in Paris (cue photos at the Eiffel Tower), which will appear on the blog soon.

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