Thursday, July 23, 2009

Me on Twitter

I tweet.

Yep, that's officially a new verb.

I love jumping on bandwagons, so got myself onto Twitter about 7 months ago. And haven't exactly looked back. I know many people don't like, or don't get twitter. I can see why. It's very self-indulgent. But if I can be indulged in just 149 characters or less, then I'm saying 'yes!' to that.

So come follow me pied piper style (minus the cute pointy shoes) on twitter.

You'll pe privvy so such gems as
... Miles has a yellow skittle lodged in his nose. And when I say lodged, I mean stuck and not coming out.
... Can someone do the shopping for me? We need weetbix, honey, cheese, apples, bready...
... Excuse me while I have a love affair with my job
... I habb dot a dold
... Who turned out the lights?

You can find me @meaghancook.

* Meaghan

Disclaimer: I take no responsibility for the personal boredom that may be suffered by reading my tweets. A gal can't be funny all the time.



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